Restorative Treatments

Tooth Replacement Solutions in Conway, AR

At the dental practice of Dr. Ladd Ellis, we are committed to the total health of your smile and provide high quality crowns, bridges, and dentures in Conway for our patients who have large cavities or are missing one or more of their teeth.

Whether you have lost a tooth, have extensive decay, are in need of a root canal, or require full arch restoration, our Conway dental practice has the solution.

Our Prosthetic Dental Restoration Options:

Single Tooth Replacement

If a single tooth needs to be replaced, Dr. Ellis will recommend an implant supported crown. When you have lost a tooth, the empty space that is left causes the adjacent teeth to shift out of place, and the bone in that area begins to lose volume. Replacing the tooth as a whole, by using a dental implant topped with a natural looking crown, maintains the integrity of the total oral structure. We also use crowns to cover a tooth that has undergone root canal therapy.

Traditional Dentures and Bridges

We provide traditional fixed bridges for those who are missing rows of teeth, and adhesive based dentures for those missing most or all of their teeth. This is a simple and cost effective solution that addresses the cosmetic aspect of dental restoration. We work with a superior local lab to produce the highest quality dental appliance possible.

Implant Supported Bridges, and Dentures

Our premium dental prosthetics are also available in combination with dental implants. We work closely with a trusted Conway oral surgeon to place implants that support our multiple tooth restorations.

  • Implant Supported Bridges – Instead of replacing each individual missing tooth with its own implant, this method replaces rows of missing teeth with implant posts that are used as anchors for a custom bridge. Having even a few implants inserted to secure a bridge or partial is advantageous, as it reduces bone loss in the jaw, and prevents the need for adjacent teeth to be prepared with crowns to support a fixed bridge.
  • Hybrid Dentures – Similar to implant supported bridges, this is a cross between traditional dentures and dental implant tooth replacement. The stability and natural feel that hybrid dentures provide for those who are missing all of their teeth is unsurpassed.

Besides having the ability to replicate an appealing smile and restore the stability of your bite function, implant supported prosthetics help maintain the bone volume in your jaw. This means that restoring your smile with the assistance of dental implants can reduce or prevent the bone loss that leads to the sunken look of premature aging.

Dr. Ellis offers quality dental implant restoration in Conway and provides exceptional care and follow up for our patients who seek a long lasting tooth replacement solution.

If you are in need of tooth replacement in Conway, Dr. Ladd Ellis has many options to restore your smile. We are here to meet the diverse needs of our patients and can help you find the appropriate solution that meets your unique needs. Call us today for more information.